Login with gotrue.js fails

Netlify Site: Homepage2
Github: Fort-P/Homepage2 (github.com)
Testing credentials for use: testing@testing.com:Tester#1

I am trying to implement a login system for my site. However, whenever I login, it fails with the message:

POST https://homepage2.netlify.app/.netlify/identity/token 400
> request @ identity-built.js:263
> _request @ identity-built.js:836
> login @ identity-built.js:869
> loginuser @ identity-built.js:990
> identity-built.js:992
Failed :( {"name":"JSONHTTPError2","status":400,"json":{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"No user found with that email, or password invalid."}}

However, I can verify that an account with this email exists through the identity dashboard in site settings, and that the password works by using GoTrue JS Demo Site (gotruejs-playground.netlify.app). So my question is does anybody know what seems to be causing this error?

Thanks in Advance,

Have you tried logging with other details? Can you also attach a link to the login page? I’m not seeing this on your site name.

I have tried other details, none of them seem to work. There is no link to the login page per se, it is a modal that is triggered when you press the login button at the top of the page.

The data you’re passing to GoTrue is incorrect:


Please check your code.