Locked deploy notification for manual publish build

Hello everyone,

In case of you choose “Stop auto-publishing”, you have to manually publish your build.
In Netlify terminology we locked our production to a new build.

“Locked deploy” notification is working fine when you click “stop auto-publishing” , but doesn’t work when you manually locked to a new deploy (click publish this specific deploy).

I see plenty of use case and the most critical one; When we need to communicate that a new public version is live. In auto-publishing mode, “succeed deploy” do the trick (build is automatically public after build), but not in case of stop auto-publishing mode.

It’s have been already discuss here little bit for “alternative solution”

Thanks for the suggestion, Luc! I’ve added your voice to the open feature request we have.

I guess a good workflow for you would be to stop manually publishing your build that way. You can use our API to do this in way that should send those notifications reliably: