Locale detection not working on NextJs project on Netlify

Netlify site name : fleet-website ( 33eacc28-69c3-4174-8c89-de96a682f769 )

I currently have a NextJs project on my account using nextjs’ Locale Detection feature : Routing: Internationalization | Next.js

In my local dev environment, the subdomain redirection works but not on Netlify (preview or prod env).

I have also opened an issue on the plugin’s Github : [Bug]: NextJs localeDetection not working properly · Issue #2034 · netlify/next-runtime · GitHub

Thank you !

Hi @benjamin-fleet, thanks for the post and welcome.

Kindly check the links below and follow the suggestions there to see if it helps resolves your problem.
The questions asked in the links below is similar to your problem.