Local Netlify Plugin Accessing Build-Time Artifacts

Are Netlify Plugin’s built/run on the same VM as where the build step is done?

In my situation I have a monorepo with many local javascript/typescript packages. Local package linking is done with the help of lerna and yarn workspaces. If I have a netlify plugin that runs at onSuccess.


  • As I understand it, when the onSuccess event happens, the build would have completed fully correct? * If I were to have my plugin build and all packages installed at the build step (e.g. local linking of packages, typescript transpiling, etc.) when the plugin is run, is it run on that same VM where the build happens? Can I expect that whatever was produced as part of the build/deploy step is available to the onSuccess code run?


  • I am aware that I can use the @netlify/plugin-local-install-core netlify plugin to install all packages specified in the package.json of the plugin.
  • However in my case, my packages aren’t on NPM but are also part of my local repo and I use lerna to build them.

This has been answered in the helpdesk, for for future users:

Yes, plugins are run on the same container that the build is run on, so everything you do during the build would be accessible to the plugins.