Local Images are not shown in website when running with netlify dev

I am trying to host my express website on netlify with the help of serverless functions and everything is working well except the images. i have made public directory to store images and my css files. CSS is being applied on my website but i can’t see images which are in same folder as css.

so please help me regarding this issue.
Tell me if you need more info about this issue.

Hi @shivam1317

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Given the images and CSS are in the same directory, I can’t explain why the images would not load using netlify dev when the CSS does.

Is it possible for you to provide a git repository to inspect/test?

Here you go:

There’s no function code in the repository that you’ve provided.

Due to the redirect that redirects everything to /.netlify/functions/api/:splat it just results in:

Function not found…

Are you able to provide the function code too?

Adding to @nathanmartin’s comments, there is no build script in the package.json,only a test script (which doesn’t do much).

There isn’t a build or dev command in the netlify.toml, so can you say what command you are passing to netlify dev?