Local build plugins


I’m wanting to potentially use a Netlify build plugin to fetch a feed (GitHub - philhawksworth/netlify-plugin-fetch-feeds: A Netlify plugin to source content from remote feeds including RSS and JSON), but it doesn’t currently seemingly support feeds requiring authentication headers (secure feeds). I wanted to see if it was possible to create a branch to add this functionality, but the repo isn’t active right now, so failing that was looking to extracting the functionality and have it live locally in my Netlify repo, but I think the local plugins link/info isn’t working on your doc page: Create Build Plugins | Netlify Docs (referenced in the first paragraph on the page).

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to have my own version of a build plugin, or whether build plugins need to be public/shared (and if so, if I can’t expand the functionality of an existing/listed build plugin due to repo inactivity, can I duplicate to produce a very similar plugin)?

Hi @silentfail,

Copying the files from netlify-plugin-fetch-feeds to your repository and using it as a local plugin should work in principle. Could you describe the problem you are encountering where doing so? Thanks!