Load balancer of a static site

Is netlify provide laodbalancer for static site, let say million user visits every day.

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I need to know a little bit more information before I can answer your question. Are you looking to use Netlify as a load balancer? Or are you asking for the ip address?

If you tell me a little more information I’d be happy to give you more details. :slight_smile:

Suppose Backend running on other cloud provider and i want to deploy SPA in netlify. so what if 1 million user hit?

No problem, our CDN is up to the task :slight_smile: . We’ve hosted sites for super bowl commercials, presidential candidates, and products shown on Shark Tank.

You would likely end up paying for bandwidth, but we add capacity to your team as you use it in realtime without any service interruption and we’ll let you know about the charges and to add a credit card in the week or so following the usage.

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So then i dont need to worry about frontend , so that i pay my full attention to building backend(api) and scalling backend right…?

Pretty much. :grin:

If you really wanted to get fancy, you could work on making the backend scale more easily with Netlify’s serverless functions. :wink:

I am writting api in laravel framework, is it possible to deploy backend in netlify…?

hi @nur-alam - Netlify is only for hosting JAMstack sites - you can find more information on this approach here: jamstack.org

and here:

So no, a php backed backend framework couldn’t be deployed on Netlify.