Live site getting 404s on static assets but no errors in build / deploy and deploy previews look fine

Netlify site name: (live site is

The builds and deploys of our next.js site are working, no errors reported. The deploy previews also look fine. When I publish the deploy and go to the live site url I see 404s on all the static assets and the site is completely broken (image attached).

This also seems to be non-deterministic - I had one “good” deploy (which is the one the current live site is pointing) but the rest or the last ~10 exhibit this static asset problem.

You can repro easily by looking at the deploy preview of the latest build, publishing the deploy and checking the live site.

I can also hit a page directly (like DreamTeam | Product) and it loads fine. It’s only the direct load that exhibits the problem.

Here’s a Loom video showing the problem Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Seem to have fixed this by changing our primary domain to www. and having redirect to that.

Thanks so much for sharing your solution with the community!

Sorry this actually isn’t solved. I’m still getting random failures even with this workaround. Still seems completely non-deterministic.

@SamO hi there - this is quite urgent for us as our main site seems to be intermittently down. Can you advise how I can escalate this issue please.

I’m not seeing the problem anymore. Is this resolved?