Let’s Encrypt cert expiring in 2 weeks

I noticed the Let’s Encrypt cert on olicole.net is expiring soon.

Shouldn’t this have been automatically renewed by now?

Hi @oliver! Welcome to netlify community.

Our policy is to renew 10 days prior to expiration. For your site, this should happen in 4 days time.

Hope that helps!


Would it be possible to add a countdown timer until the first renewal attempt to a users dashboard?

@Phil_LE, welcome our Netlify community site.

I filed a feature request to include a count down (or at least a banner that says attempts begin 10 days before it will expire) in the SSL certificate panel of our web UI.

If/when this change is made we’ll follow-up in this community topic to let you know about it.

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Thanks a lot @luke! Glad to be here.

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