Large File Storage (LFS) / Netlify Large Media (NLM) feature requests

Are you working with LFS? What changes would you make to NLM? Share your ideas here.

Is there a plan to support double sites for lfs in the future? Or is this something kind of out of Netlify’s control?

@tbaustin, I’m not familiar with this terminology and my googling didn’t provide much help either. Would you be willing to please clarify the phrase “double sites”?

Does this mean two sites deployed from the same repo? Is it a monorepo configuration?

More details about the technical limitation you are encountering will likely help us to better answer this question.


We have an open request to support having netlify large media support a single repo that’s deployed on multiple Netlify sites. For those that may not be aware, if you setup NLM on a site/repo then link that repo to another site, it won’t deploy. I’d love to see this supported, but I don’t know when we’ll get a chance to work on the issue.

An environment variable to check if NLM is enabled would be excellent. That way, users are able to apply their own caching or HTTPS/2 push when it isn’t, or use Netlify’s when it is.