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Lag time to live for a large number of newly published functions?

Site: wheelscreener.netlify.app

This one was a spooky one: I migrated all of my functions from vanilla javascript to a build process with typescript (so granted a large function migration), but after the build was deployed, and I could see all the correct functions in the Netlify UI, I was having issues testing my signup flow - it’s not that there was an error in the functions - it was as if they weren’t even being called!

My guess is with such a big source migration the AWS lambda source is somehow cached or still propagating in the background - I guess my question is if there is a way to monitor when the function really is available? I thought I could trust the Netlify functions UI, but there was a good 20-30 minutes where my identity-signup handler was totally broken. It finally started working again as expected after I shipped 1 or 2 more builds with some extra logging in the functions as an insanity check - but this could be bad news bears if the site has high signup traffic!

I monitor my functions with various logs, so I know they weren’t having any issues. Again, it is almost like they just weren’t being called.

Wondering if anyone else had ever seen such behavior after a big function migration.

hi @fullStackChris - sorry to be slow to reply. We have been a bit underwater this week! I have looked around and we don’t have any reports of something like what you are describing (which doesn’t mean it’s not happening). I will try and get some :eyes: on this soon. thanks for your patience!