JSON File 404 issue

Hello, I am trying to build a restaurant website from scratch (please don’t judge lol). I created a JSON file that contains information on menu items. I have a page that is supposed to read that json and use javascriptr to write the information down to the webpage. I keep getting errors and the JSON file isn’t being read. I have run it locally with python and it seems to work just fine, but not when I run it online. I tried looking through different threads to see what others’ solutions were but I have had no luck. Here is a link to my github repo if that helps. GitHub - brickjonas/Valle-Azul-Website. I appreciate any assistance

@brickjonas This is an easy one, the issue is just the filename.

Serving your website locally and navigating to the Menu page I see:


There is no /menu/breakfast.json file in your repository, it’s breakfast:

The filename should be fixed.

Unbelievable!! I can not believe it was just the file name. Thank you it works perfectly now