JAMStack needs a better name

I think this platform + approach needs a better name. “JAMStack” communicates nothing to a newcomer, it may as well be “MARshmallow”.

Lol. Welcome to the community @mattkuenzel :wave:t2: and thank you for your input.

“Nike” communicates nothing either, but somehow folks figure out what it means :wink: MERN, LAMP, etc. all are just acronyms arranged in an orally-pronounceable way but themselves also don’t communicate technological patterns :stuck_out_tongue: but I am curious if you have any suggestions for a new name :slight_smile: we’re always open to input!


“stack” is a little confusing because JAMStack is actually a new approach to web development, if I understand it correctly.

https://jamstack.wtf/ seems to help with the explanation for what JAM stands for.