I've setup a primary domain but google search results still show .netlify.app domain

The site is consor.netlify.app and I’ve setup the custom nameservers to point to netlify’s nameservers for the domain consoranalytics.com.

But if I just google consor analytics only the netlify domain shows up. How can I remove netlify domain and make it so only the primary domain shows up?

Part of the issue is likely because consor.netlify.app does not redirect to consoranalytics.com. This post might help Redirect netlify.app to custom domain

The other issue is Google. Try Google Search Central Community for any issues you may still encounter after configuring the redirect above.


Hi @Wahaj10 please give the resources the user above supplied. This may be of help to you.

Awesome, thank you I have setup the redirects, will check back after some time!