It is allowed to use redirect feature from outside of the browser?

I found out Netlify supports Rewrites and proxies feature, it also allows “Proxy to another service”, so I can forward /api/* requests to my backend server to generate dynamic contents, and host the static contents on Netlify.

Now I have a question: It is acceptable to use this feature from outside of the browser?

For example: If I create a desktop client with Electron or browser extension, which also will sends requests to /api/*, I use Netlify forward the requests to my backend server, so I can get the benefit from Netlify(HTTP and CDN).

After reading Terms of Use Agreement, I still not sure if this usage is allowed.

Hello, @muzuiget, as long as you also host a site on Netlify, you can use the functions deployed with that site in a desktop client. I don’t see anything in our ToS Acceptable Use clause that would disallow this.