Issues getting an Lets Encrypt to work

Hey There,

My lets encrypt seems to be taking a long time to verify, wondering if someone can help push it for me? We have setup a subdomain and the cname in our easydns config and it points fine, but obviously fails on ssl.
Main netlify account page is, cname is


Hi, @smckay79, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

We cannot provision SSL certificates until all domain names configured for a site are working. At this time, isn’t working because DNSSEC is enabled for this domain name:

We don’t support DNSSEC at this time and this is causing the DNS verification to fail for this domain. Please disable the DNS configuration for if you want us to provision an SSL certificate for it.

One last note: it appears that all domains are configured to use an A record point to at Netlify. This is not a recommended configuration and will not use our full CDN.

I would recommend changing these A records to CNAME records pointing to the Netlify site subdomain (

There is more documentation about the CNAME record configuration here:

​Please let us know if there are other questions and/or if disabling DNSSEC doesn’t resolve the SSL certificate issue.

Fantastic, thank you!