Issue on delpoy with gatsby-source-instagram

I need advice to debug deploy

Works locally and able to successfully query

Hi Zack :wave:t2:

Spent a few minutes digging in.

You’re using gatsby-source-instagram and specifically using the “public scraping” method based on your gatsby-config.js, but that plugin has an open issue right now that’s got grim news (though not surprising, Instagram [and Facebook, for that matter] is a bit of a tyrant when it comes to blocking people from getting data :confused: )

From the plugin author, today (sounds like Instagram just recently made more changes)

I logged the output, and its a plain login wall. I can’t find anything usefull there. Not sure what i can do next folks. seems like i need to remove public scraping methods.

I d love your input here.

The issue is Public scraping methods fail due to login screen on Instagram on production builds which makes sense because the deploy log that you linked is a MESS but is actually the resulting HTML response page from Instagram’s servers, and you can tell it’s a plain old “Log in” page by a couple of the lines in there, perhaps most notably:

<meta content="Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family &amp; interests have been capturing &amp; sharing around the world." name="description" />

Sorry for the bummer news. You’ll have to either work your way into a Graph API token and use the source that way or just not use that plugin. Publicly scraping websites is notoriously difficult and awful.

Hope that helps!