Is there anyway to check pre-rendered content?

I am currently setting up SEO for my netlify app, enabled pre-rendering option after I stumbled upon prerendering explained .

But since pre-rendering is all about loading all elements for web crawlers and no for human user like us, my question is that is there a way to check what is currently rendered in pre-rendering? I am asking this because I wanted to know what is in the pre-rendered so we can schedule a recrawl and make sure that we can always crawl the correct content.

Hi, @MingSheng92. Everything will be prerendered if the HTTP request header user-agent contains one of the strings that triggers our prerendering service.

The most common user-agent I use when testing is “Twitterbot”. There are curl examples in this post:

To summarize, I can request the prerendered version of a URL with curl using this:

curl -A Twitterbot <URL HERE>

If there are other questions about this, please let us know and we will be happy to answer.