Is there an out-going (POST method) HTTP request rate limit for netlify functions?

Hi, I am planning on building an email alert system for a smaller application and I just wanted to check to see if there are any limits / restrictions / guidelines for outgoing HTTP post requests from Netlify Functions.

The application is a SvelteKit project and I already have a transactional email system that I would like to hook into for my alert system. I am connecting to SendGrid for the actual sending and I have to send a separate HTTP request for each email I need sent. The sendgrid API has a rate limit of 10k post requests per second… which plenty above what I need.

Will my project trigger any kind of abuse warnings or hit any walls if I start sending 1000 post requests from my app to SendGrid?

I am on a pro account, have read over the documentation, looked at the AWS lambda docs and haven’t seen anything. I just don’t want to disrupt service to my app for something stupid. I also don’t want to create another service if I don’t have to.

Any help or guidance is appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @Jovian :wave:t6: ,
Welcome back to the forums! Our functions are built on AWS Lambda so naturally we use AWS rate limits. Their limit is 1000 concurrent executions.

  1. Outgoing requests should not be a problem but you should be mindful of your usage. We do not have hard limits on HTTP requests.
  2. With Sengrid i’m not sure. That is outside of Netlify but I imagine it’s possible you could hit their rate limit or trigger abuse warnings but I would reach out to their support team and confirm.

Overall, as long as you are mindful of your usage and stay within the guidelines of AWS and Sendgrid you can use Netlify function to build your email alert system without issues. Best of luck. (:

Thanks. Not worried about SendGrid, just didn’t want to interrupt service to the rest of my project if there were some hidden rate limits that weren’t explicitly documented.