Is there a directory listing feature?

Is there a way to setup a folder so if there is no index.html file present, the server responds with a listing of the contents of that folder?

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hi @mjgs, not a this time without actually writing the code to do so in your own

Gatsby has a nice solution for this that they accomplish with graphQL, which you can see towards the bottom of this tutorial, for example:

@perry Thanks for the link. I ended up going a similar route, I updated my static site generator to create the directory listing pages, It wasn’t too difficult, and in the end the directory listing is styled same as my existing site, so probably the best approach. I still think it would be a neat Netlify feature though.

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please feel free to write a feature request in #features and outline your use case a bit more (what key advantage would this bring?) and we’ll be happy to consider it! Glad you found a solution.