Is it possible to have a user upload multiple files in the same form, and how can I attribute meaning to a file upload?

Hi there,

Currently I am working on a site and am doing a spike around the form integration. The situation is that we wish a user to be able to submit regular form information: e.g Name, email and then upload two images that are of two categories, imagine ‘Cats’ and ‘Dogs’ (not as straight forward as that) and then the user would upload a picture of one or both and then the maintainer of the site would receive an email with all of this information and a link to the stored location of both the images.

So currently I have two questions:

  1. How can I associate meaning with the files that are uploaded? Currently during my tests I noticed it gets sent in an email and just states “Submission file”, whereas I would expect to see “Cat” or “Dog” if possible?

  2. Secondly, is it possible to have more than one file upload, or will I have to accumulate the results of two separate forms?

Thank you very much

hi there, did you see this already? it might be informative.

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