Installing custom SSL certificate - case sensitivity

I’m trying to install custom certificate, which I got from namecheap. I have used the cert without issue when hosting my static site with gitlab pages.

Install custom certificate

I got the below erros, after put in my certificate, private key, and intermediate cert
CN (Abcde.Fghi) did not match your custom domain (abcdr.fghi)

Just because the A and the F is in big capital. (Domain is just an example)
May I know how to resolve this issue?

While it doesn’t matter in DNS upper vs lowercase, our system enforces lowercase.

You’ll need a certificate that matches exactly, so hopefully godaddy can help you regenerate like that. It’s a best practice to standardize on lowercase on the internet since some inflexible systems such as ours are case sensitive and need things to match up.

You’ll see this also in our build environment (where npm enforces the lowercase nature of filenames) and in our CDN’s URL normalization to lowercase.

Wish I had better news for you today, but even with administrative access I cannot upload a certificate that has wrong case, or change your sitenames to uppercase without breaking other things about them.