Incorrect Relative Routes (Astro build, Mobile only)

Hey all, I am running into a super weird issue that appears on mobile only. Specifically, I have only tested on the mobile Firefox browser (v126.0.1) The site is working correctly when I navigate using the Firefox desktop browser and when I run it locally.

Site home:

This is a pretty vanilla static site built using Astro and does not have SSR enabled.

When I click on the navigation links on this page (MENU), the mobile browser seems to append the relative route to the current page instead of root?

For example, I expect the browser to go to “COMBOS” when clicking on the “COMBOS / SETS” button but it goes to “” instead, expectedly resulting in a “Page Not Found” error.

Has anybody seen this kind of issue before?

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!

@castironpan This behavior is simply as per the HTML of your site.

There are two menus in the HTML, one relative and one root relative.

Check your site code and fix how your links are being generated for the submenu.


Oh shite, yeah, that would be it; I had completely forgot about this set of buttons and thought they were controlled by the component I have been modifying. Thanks so much!