Images not working when building with cache

We’ve recently migrated our site from being built on Gatsby Cloud to being built on Netlify. Struggled with a few memory based issues but have got it building successfully.

All works fine when deploying without any cache, as seen here:

However when we build again with the cache already in place, then the images are not correctly sourced:

I couldn’t paste build logs as they were too large, so have attached them in 2 txt files. (82.8 KB)

Hi @chalk-store , Thanks for reaching out.
Kindly check the Stack Overflow link below on how to resolve the problem since it is similar to yours.

Hi @clarnx thanks for replying. I saw that plugin before but it says it deprecated and recommends using “@netlify/plugin-gatsby” instead (along with “gatsby-plugin-netlify”). I already have both those installed. Are you suggesting I should try the old/deprecated plugin instead of those?

I am annoyingly stuck on Gatsby V2 currently due to budget/development time restraints preventing migrating to the latest Gatsby version.

Hi @chalk-store, thanks for the feedback.
I suggest you try the Gatsby official issues page at the link below to see if you can also get help there