Image Optimization (ipx) for deployed Next.js is slow – disabling possible?

Please have a look at the first image (in red) on this deployed site:

The red image is rendered using the Next.js Image component, which is deployed to use Netlify’s ipx image optimization. You can see that even after repeated refreshes, the request for the image has a delay of around 200ms. This is very slow – I assume that the image is not cached and resized again for every request.

Also see a snapshot from the network entry from Chrome’s developer tools:

You can see that we wait for the request around 200ms, and downloading takes only 2.92ms.

Since Netlify’s ipx is slow, can the ipx image resizer be disabled or caching be enabled? Thanks a lot in advance.

I’m surprised to hear a complaint about 200ms of TTFB as (very) slow. Not sure what your expectations about speed are.

In any case, if you don’t wish to use ipx you need to stop using Next.js’ image component. If you wish to use that, you’d have to stick with ipx sadly, since it’s required to get the components working fine.

Additionally, you could switch to a different CDN for images that could serve your images much closer to your expectations.

Thanks for the answer!