Image not loading in project

Netlify site name.

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Problem I am facing: I am not able to load an imdb logo in my site but the image is there in the deploy log. Please help

@RBH_2005 I see no images failing to load, please provide the steps to replicate.

When you search for a movie and go to its details,
there is an IMDb logo that is supposed to load but it doesn’t. The below image is the issue I am talking about

@RBH_2005 The src path to the image is:


The image does not exist there as evidenced by:

I have no idea what system you’re working with, as you’ve not said, but most systems that have a public folder shift the assets in that folder to their output folder upon build.

If your output folder was dist for example, you would find that a file of:


Would end up as:


If you then deployed the dist folder, it becomes the root, and the file would be available at:


This is precisely what is happening in your case, and the file is seen here:

Change your src reference to /IMDb_logo.png