I want to Verify domain that already exists on another Netlify account

Hi, my site name is https://murabiyoon.netlify.app/ and on this domain when adding domain “murabiyoon.com” it is says :

murabiyoon.com or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.

The site that used to have this domain is sitename “murabiyoon1” which i have manually removed the netlify DNS records.

Please help me to verify murabiyoon.com on site name “murabiyoon”

Waiting for reply

Hi @aburuqayyah, you’ll need to create a TXT record to verify ownership. Please create a record verified-for-netlify.murabiyoon.com with a value of verifying for netlify support case https://answers.netlify.com/t/i-want-to-verify-domain-that-already-exists-on-another-netlify-account/103558 and we can proceed with removing the domain from the other site.


i have added the txt, please check and remove the domain from the other site.

@aburuqayyah Thank you for making the verification DNS record. Now that the verification is complete, please feel free to remove it anytime.

The domain has been removed from the other team. Adding the domain to your sites should be successful now. ​Please let us know if you still see errors adding the domain to your sites or DNS zones.

Thank you it worked, i managed to add the domain