I want to create a website from a folder within my root folder

I have my main website
But i want that the subdomain website also gets changed when I push the changes to that github folder

eg my root folder is ‘xyz’ and inside it is my folder ‘abc’ and I want whenever I make some changes in ‘abc’ and push it then it should get deployed at netlify servers

(I have my github account connected and already pushing my root folder, but don’t know how to do it with a folder in the root folder)

So what should I fill

Hi @Samrridh

If you are deploying multiple sites from a single repository, or a site from a sub-directory, you need to set the base directory as per the Monorepo documentation

i have read this article before posting my query, but not quite able to understand what it means to say

Can you share the repository you are working with?