I purchased a domain name elsewhere, how do I use this domain in netlify?

I have purchased a domain name elsewhere and I want to use my purchased domain name to access a website I have created in netlify, how do I do this, I can’t read your documentation!

“fmtc.games” this is the domain name I purchased, “https://fmtc.netlify.app” is the website I created in netlify, I want to type " fmtc.games" to see the contents of “https://fmtc.netlify.app”, what should I do please help me, thanks!

This support guide provides a quick method @FMTC?

More information is available in the Netlify documentation

You can also find more support guides for troubleshooting in

Thank you @dig , couldn’t have said it better myself!

@FMTC , do let us know if you need any additional assistance on creating these DNS records.