I need help with my website

I’m working on a project at my school when the teacher asked us to host our website so we could deliver the work, but he didn’t offer us any kind of support, I choose Netlifi because I thought it would be the easiest and fastest way because I have to deliver this work for tomorrow, however.
My project is ready, it consists of 3 pages in HTML and CSS that navigate between them, but when the time came for me to host the site to deliver it, it simply does not work, it always gives a 404 error and I do not understand what could be causing it this, I’m dying of worry and wish I could fix this as soon as possible,
sorry if this is already a lost cause.

This is the link to my website:

Hey Nick,

As the 404 page says, there’s a Support Guide for that! This is something you’ll have to debug since we can’t fix your code for you, but the guide tells you exactly what to look for and how to look. Since I guess you missed the link right from the 404 message, I’ll share it again here:

Good luck!

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