I can't reach my components view

Hi everyone I’m creating my own project with React, using Wouter as a router tool alternative from react-router-dom.
This is my website: https://shop-app-javi.netlify.app/
I have noticed that when I try to preview my project in production from my machine I can access to my components view from navbar without any problem.
Althought when I publish my app to Netlify I got 404 error for each item of my menu.

These are my routes, perhaps anybody could help me to understand the problem, as far as I know I’ve created redirects file to look for the content of those items whenever user refresh browser.

These are my files


<ul className="mobile:hidden flex justify-evenly items-center w-[400px] mx-auto">
                        <a href="/products" title="products" className="hover:underline hover:decoration-[#ff6f7b]">
                            <h3 className="text-[#ff6f7b] text-base font-bold">Products</h3>


        find: '@features',
        replacement: path.resolve(path.join(__dirname, '/src/features')),


import Header from "@features/Header/Header.jsx"
import {Route} from "wouter";

const Products = lazy(() => import("@features/Products/Products.jsx"));

return (
        <Suspense fallback={<div className="lds-circle py-[50px]"><div></div></div>}>
          <Route path="/products" component={Products}></Route>

@ju231415sad I’m not seeing any 404 when navigating to /products or when refreshing the page.

Can you confirm if you’ve fixed this yourself or if it’s still happening?

If it is still happening, please provide a link to demonstrate.

Thanks to answer so fast @nathanmartin, it seems I had stored file __redirects with two underscores instead one :rofl:.

awesome! glad you found a solution. Happy building! :rocket: