Husky failure when updating netlify-cli

This is more a FYI

When updating just now husky threw an error about a missing package,json in my current project directory

  • I did a global install so my CD is irrelevent
  • I do indeed not have a package.json. I’m using “Netlify Build && Netlify dev” to build and serve a jekyll site.
wsl@OD-X1-CARBON:~/wai/wai-coga-design-guide$  npm i -g netlify-cli
/home/wsl/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/bin/ntl -> /home/wsl/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/lib/node_modules/netlify-cli/bin/run
/home/wsl/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/bin/netlify -> /home/wsl/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/lib/node_modules/netlify-cli/bin/run

> husky@4.3.8 install /home/wsl/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/lib/node_modules/netlify-cli/node_modules/husky
> node husky install

husky > Setting up git hooks
Can't find package.json in /home/wsl/wai/wai-coga-design-guide directory or parents
Please check that your project has a package.json or create one and reinstall husky.
husky > Failed to install

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hey @slim! good to see you around here again. Would you please file an issue on the CLI repo?

that way, the devs who work on the CLI specifically can take a look.

thanks much!

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Thanks for that, @slim! Looking at the issue, it seems like you have come to a solution :slight_smile:

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