Hugo site - Why is my Netlify built site and local blogdown::serve_site() /::build_site() not the same?

Netlify site name: (primary domain is
Issue: emlynsg/about/ looks fine when I build with blogdown, but when I deploy on netlify it directs to emlynsg/about and displays old content (some of which isn’t even in my repo anymore).

When I download the deployed files I find all these old files along with the newer ones.

I’ve played around with a bunch of things including the baseURL setting, netlify.toml and the about subdirectory itself, but nothing appears to fix this.

I would appreciate help with:

  1. How I can get my /about/ page to display properly once deployed
  2. How to remove this legacy information that I would rather is not hosted on the internet anymore

Apologies for how much of a netlify/hugo newbie I am!

Would it be possible for us to check your repository? Because, at the current stage, I don’t think there’s any way we can figure out why this is happening. There’s no service worker or cache that’s causing the issue, so, it’s hard to determine the exact cause without checking the source.

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Thanks for the help hrishikesh!
Public repo is

I tried your code and published it to my Netlify to check as locally it was looking fine. Here’s the website: It works perfectly fine. I have no idea what’s going wrong in your website. Maybe, try deploying again?

That’s very odd!
I deployed on a new site on my Netlify, (updating the baseURL), and I still run into the same issue with my /about/ page.

Did you do anything specific when you published it on your Netlify? Specific build commands maybe?

Actually, I finally figured it out.
Turns out that my submodule (leftover from when I hosted on github not Netlify) wasn’t updating, and the old files were loaded in when I was deploying this site. Seems to be all fixed now.

Thanks for all the help!!