HTTP 403 from Sydney since 10:55am

Hi, our website monitoring is getting HTTP 403 error from CloudFlare from Sydney region, other region are alright. Is anyone getting the same issue here?

Both Netlify and CloudFlare status page shows all operational

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We’ve been seeing similar issues. By setting our DNS to it was resolved but on various other DNS servers including we’re getting incorrect DNS results for any Netlify domain including itself.

Hi, @timflapper and @mohdlee.

I checked into the 403s in response to the email for this @mohdlee. The 403s are not coming from Netlify and I’ve asked for more details there to confirm that.

If the DNS server is returning bad responses, that is an issue with that DNS server and not with Netlify. We won’t be able to resolve any issues with that DNS server itself. (It appears to be a Cloudflare IP address based on the WHOIS record for the IP.)

$ whois | grep descr
descr:          APNIC and Cloudflare DNS Resolver project
descr:          Routed globally by AS13335/Cloudflare
descr:          Research prefix for APNIC Labs
descr:          APNIC Research and Development

There are no known Netlify issues at this time.

To troubleshoot this further the following details would be helpful:

  • the complete URL requested
  • the IP address for the system making the request
  • the IP address for the CDN node that responded
  • the day of the request
  • the time of the request
  • the timezone the time is in

The simplest way to do this is to send us the x-nf-request-id header which we send with every HTTP response. That header will replace all the details above. There more information about this header here:

If that header isn’t available for any reason, please send the information it replaces (or as many of these details as possible).