HTML <a> tags not rendering on successful netlify deploy, but rendering locally

My React app is building successfully on Netlify but the deployed site is not rendering certain buttons ( tags) that are rendering locally. My node version is the same locally and on Netlify.

Note the app expects a UTM parameter called share, so you can use this test link if needed: Pathpoint Referral Program

Image of deployed version, the tags nested inside div .buttons are not appearing on the page, but show up in the html.

Image of local version:

When I go into the Chrome web inspector on my deployed site and delete the hrefs in my tags, the buttons appear. I’m not sure why that would be the case, but I need the hrefs so that the buttons direct to the right place on click.

Hi @rd825

Can you please share the URL for the Netlify site.

Sorry about that - here it is:

That will prompt you for a “share link” so you can use the following to test:

Thanks @rd825

As below, I can see the three buttons.

i can also see exactly what coel sees, @rd825 .

is there any chance you have extensions running in your browser that might be interfering? does it appear correctly in an incognito window? it seems like this is maybe not a netlify issue.

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Thanks @coelmay and @perry - my adblocker was the culprit! I didn’t even think about it :man_facepalming:


Keep in mind that anyone else who runs an adblocker is going to have the same issue. This is then a usability issue you will need to remedy (people won’t turn off adblockers just to use the site necessarily.)

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it actually happens very frequently that extensions cause very unpredictable behaviour~ you wouldn’t believe how many times people spend so much time debugging only for it to be a rogue extension that messes things up…

we always recommend testing with a clean browser or tab to be sure!