How to switch primary and secondary domain name

I am managing, which I have recently upgraded from wordpress to netlify and jekyll.

This is a nonprofit org, and it also has, which is currently forwarded to

I would like to switch this. Can anyone advise me about how to do so without downtime? Particularly for email.

Both domain names are now registered with google domains. The primary is associated with GSuite. The primary has DNS delegated to Netlify.

The secondary has DNS at google domains, and is forwarded to the secondary. When I try to add MX records, google allows the first, but complains “record already in use” when i try to add the second.



Hey Bo,

is this relevant for you at all?

What’s stopping you from creating two different sites with the same content, one .org and one .com? It would seem that once you get each item up and running, you could do whatever you wanted with the DNS and the site would still load.

I thought of that, but it seemed more complicated.

I’ve got it all working now. Not sure I could explain it though. :blush: