How to specify version of @netlify/build?

We are looking for any possible method for specifying the version of @netlify/build that is used during build. The most recent version has a conflict with a number of sites and we need to roll back while we address the root cause of the problem.


I’ve responded to your query in our helpdesk, please follow up there! Thanks.

Hi Sid,

I appreciate that, but what I’d really like is an answer to the question above. I believe other developers would appreciate knowing if this is possible as well. Thanks!


@cosmicneil This occurrence is probably just the team not wanting to respond to the same ticket twice, but in situations where Netlify do respond privately with information you want to be public you can always surface it here yourself.

Turns out there isn’t a way to currently do this.

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@cosmicneil Thanks for the update.

For anyone that encounters this thread in future:
As of 2024-05-25 Netlify have confirmed there is no way to specify the version of @netlify/build that is used during a build.

See @hrishikesh’s post ↓

It’s totally possible to specify the version of @netlify/build, not from your end though (the only part that’s not possible is getting a commit hash as the required commit is in a private repo). We just don’t recommend doing that, because if you forget to remove the specific version, you’d be stuck there forever. If you absolutely want to specify it, this is how it could be done:

  • @netlify/build is a dependency of a private repo that runs your build. So if we change the version of this repo for you, you’d also be able to get an old version of @netlify/build.
  • You can find the releases here: Releases · netlify/build ( and find the version you wish to downgrade to.
  • You can then let us know and we can find the relevant tag to use for your site. Essentially, this can be changed using API if you know the commit hash, but currently the only way you can get that is by contacting us.
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Thanks for the additional details here – just wondering, in case we need to do this in the future, what’s the best way to ask support for this?

You can mention here or write in to the helpdesk. You’re on Business plan, so writing in to Support ideally should be faster for you. Note that, this is a significantly rare request to make (seeing it for the second time in past 5 years), so there is a chance some people in the team might not know it. In that case, feel free to mention this thread,

Thanks! Yes, I don’t imagine it will be frequent, but with this architecture being around for a few years now and a few clients on what are essentially legacy frameworks, we anticipate we might need this in the future.