How to solve DNS verification failure?

I would like to ask you how to solve my problem about DNS verification.

I made my custom domain more than 24 hours ago and have been waiting DNS propagation. However, it has not finished yet and when I pushed a “Verify DNS Configuration” button on the Domain Setting page, a message, “************.com doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify”, appeared.
After that, I checked the HTTPS header on an online checker recommended on Netlify docs and it showed just “Error”. But, I have no idea know how to fix it.

It would be helpful if you could tell me how to solve it or just have to wait until it’s done.

It sounds as though either your registrar is slow to update the change in DNS you made, or the change didn’t “take.”

Go to one of the many DNS propagation checkers to monitor what is going on, such as this one:

Enter your “bare” domain name (*******.com), and select “NS” from the pull-down menu.

If you have made the changes correctly at your registrar, and if your registrar has accepted your changes, you will see Netlify’s DNS servers are listed worldwide, although if things are going slowly there might be some hold-outs.

If none of the DNS name server entries is shown as Netlify, go back to your registrar. There, double-check your entries AND specify a short TTL (time-to-live) to help push the propagation process along.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call your registrar.

If your registrar shows the correct entries for DNS servers, and the propagation tools shows that these servers have propagated and you are still not able to reach your site, check your setting on Netlify to ensure that you grabbed the correct DNS addresses for your site.

@kenbunroku, there was an issue which prevented the NETLIFY type DNS record from being automatically created when the custom domain was added to the site under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains.

Those records have now been created and the SSL certificate has been configured also.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

When I checked the website, I saw the things were working. Now, I finally got DNS. Thank you very much for your kind support!

Everything has done. Thank you very much!

You’re welcome,@kenbunroku! We’re happy to assist. :+1: