How to set domain that I'm already using it

I am trying to connect the domain that I’m already using for email. At the beginning, there was no problem connecting domains and dns, but once we set the email, everything fell apart and now we are trying to use the domain back, but I keep getting errors. What should I do?

You need to provide a lot more information.

  • What DNS service are you using?
  • Where is your e-mail hosted?
  • What is the domain name?
  • What are your DNS entries for your e-mail?

No one can help you if you don’t give us specifics.

Also, keep in mind that Netlify does not have e-mail servers, so if you’re pointing your DNS MX entries to Netlify, it’s never going to work. You need an outside e-mail provider such as Gmail, or an e-mail forwarder such as ImprovMX.

hey there, go ahead and let us know what error messages you are receiving too, if any. I bet we can get things figured out with a little more informatiom.

Just to be sure, you’re aware netlify doesn’t offer an email service, right?

more on that here: