How to set cache time in netlify-builder Nuxt3

Hi guys!
I’ve got my application Nuxt3 and Apollo deployed in Netlify with the netlify-builder.
I’m not able to refresh the content when something change into the cms. The only way is rebuild the app.
I try to set some limit to the cache but nothing happens.

  routeRules: {
    '/typology/**': { swr: 120 },
    'product-family/**': { swr: 120 },
    '/product/**': { swr: 120 },

Do you have an example or suggestions about that?
I would appreciated!

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Based on the documentation: Rendering Modes · Nuxt Concepts, I believe you also might have to add the isr property as true.

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I missed that part!
I tried, but the generated HTML still retains the old data. However, with AJAX navigation, it gets updated. I tried to add:

routeRules: {
  '/**': { isr: 80 }

I read this should refresh the content after 80 seconds (It’s Next doc but I think the isr works in the same way) : Next.js ISR on Netlify | Netlify Docs"

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Thanks for providing this additional context to the community.

Hi @hrishikesh and @SamO , sorry If I reopen this thread but I saw if I have a lot of page when it prerender the pages it return 500. If I try to prerender in locale it works.
So do you know if there’s some limit of ISR?

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If you share the site name, we can check this further.

Hi thanks!
I solved here:

so sorry for the disturb and kind regards,

One suggestion is to check if your CMS is properly configured to trigger cache invalidation when content changes