How to remove [Netlify] from subject?

Just adding my voice to the chorus here. We’re getting client complaints about Netlify in the subject line, even if they’re paying for forms and have to look elsewhere, sadly.


Yep, me too thanks :slight_smile:


Hello team!
One more vote here!
Thx for the awesome work u all do at Netlify!


Another +1 here, we use a contact form to email for user support, and replying with [Netlify] in the subject line doesn’t quite fit with our brand.


I’ve gone ahead and moved this over to our Features forum. This way, we can track & update if/when this is implemented. Thanks!

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This feature is important to us - we are receiving questions from our customers who are confused when we reply to their questions and the subject has [Netlify] in it.

There’s no reason to expose (and explain) our infrastructure choices to our customers.



We’ve added your voice to the feature request. Thank you!

Hey All :wave:t2:

I only use Netlify Forms submissions for internal uses so I’ve never worried about the [Netlify] tag, but just to confirm (because I haven’t seen it mentioned in this thread and just want to double check), the custom submission subject isn’t a solution to this? Is the [Netlify] tag still present even when using that custom subject?



Hi, @jonsully, yes, the [Netlify] is prefixed even with a custom subject line.

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Hello everyone,
So wrapping up until today, the word [Netlify] is by default attached to every email notification, and there is no way to replace it, right?

I have a related sort of thing regarding email notifications. When I receive an email notification, I got a punctuation symbol “:”, and the field <input type="text" name="name" id="name" required/> is not showing in the email notification.
You can see the screenshot:

Over the documentation I couldn’t find any leads to solve the problem.
Thanks in advance.

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My client is complaining about the [Netlify] in the subject too.

It doesn’t look like this problem would be hard to solve on Netlify’s end, or am I missing something?

Maybe Netlify doesn’t want to remove it since this topic is a year old…?

Would be nice with some clarity :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, I’m having the same problem with the “:“ symbol :frowning:

Edit: I fixed it @davidberco check your form code and look for empty spaces between some of your JSX elements. I found a few, removed them, and the ‘:’ is gone now.

Same, it’s a terrible user experience.

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Hey @techstacker,

Appreciate the feedback. There’s an open issue for this internally and we’ll continue to add voices when they’re raised. It’s not that we won’t fix this, it’s a matter of bandwidth.

You may be able to work around this with something like Integromat’s Netlify integration however I totally understand that this isn’t the optimum workflow or long-term solution.

Another one here, it’s really important for us to be able to remove that [Netlify] thingy.
Please, keep us updated about it as it’s been a while this is an issue :pray:

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+1’d you to the request, @Danistc!

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Thank you so much @Pie!!

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I’m confused. Is this issue with [Netlify] hardcoded in the subject field also there on the paid subscription version of Netlify Forms?

If so that’s unacceptable, and I’ll have to move my client to a different host. Please let me know if I misunderstood :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately so, @techstacker. I can +1 you to the feature!


Another one here, is not the ideal user experience. And I understood that this issue is the same when you are on paid plans in netlify.

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