How to process image upload in netlify function and send it in email attachment

Hello, im currently trying to upload image and send it to email attachment, im using sendgrid to do this.

but i have no idea what to do with WebKitFormBoundary result, or the binary data of the file image.

the result wasnt in object or string ? so i really have no idea how to handle it

since i need to place the content in the attachment later, but dont know how to process the file after i upload with formdata.

hi dellwatson, sounds like a cool project. I think that it is beyond our capacity to advise you on how to accomplish this (we are a team of 8 for hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide…). I’m hoping the wider community will weigh in with ideas, but i can point you towards our functions playground:

which may contain some code that could help you stitch this together! best of luck!