How to prevent a function from being successfully called from the browser


Is there any way to prevent a function from running from the browser, i.e. it can only be run if the call comes from a netlify page? I’m make a call (/.netlify/functions/xxx) and it works as it should, but I don’t want it to be accessible from a browser. It can only be called from a page off netlify. I’m coming from the php world, and that was not a problem there. Just wondering how to do it on netlify. Here’s an example of a script from my account that can be called from the browser. Is it possible to not allows that?


You can check for and match it with proces.env.URL or something like that, I don’t remember perfectly. However, it’s not 100% safe. Anyone desperate enough can spoof the headers and get access to the function. Sadly, there is no other way.

I don’t recall where it came from but the old saying goes “You can latch the gate, but you can’t lock it”. A Netlify Function is specifically designed to be callable from the public internet. You can check that the invoker is a particular web URL, but that can be spoofed by a knowledgeable user. You can add a token to your webpage that gets passed to the function, but by virtue of it being on a webpage (public), the token can be found and again, spoofed by a knowledgeable user. These are various ways of latching the gate. You can’t lock it.

Unless you setup a user-login framework with Netlify Identity and want to go that route.

That said, this does feel like an XY problem — we may be better able to help you get where you want to go if you can give us more context around the problem you’re trying to solve for directly :slight_smile:


I understand what you’re saying. Here’s a bit more context. A string of key/values is passed to the function. The function takes that string, encrypts it, and outputs the result. Hopefully that helps.

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