How to invite users?


I have deployed a netlify instance with invite only login and github oauth also.

I was curious, how exactly do I invite users and give them access to the netlifycms admin panel?

I dont see an invite button on the indenity tab, but it does say I have users 0/5 invites currently

That’s strange that you can’t see an invite button…

It should look like this.

Have you enabled identity?


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Just a note of safety here too — “invite only” is strictly for the email + password users. Enabling Github OAuth will allow anybody with a Github account to use the CMS, which I’m sure is not what you want (e.g. I could go over and use it too). You may need to look into Identity Event-Driven Functions to better control which users can login to your site via OAuth providers.


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Something changed here?
Half a year ago i remember there was “Invite” button with registered users under each site.
Now there isn’t one

Hey @emilsgulbis,
You should still be able to access that page by going to Netlify App - if that’s not the case, could you share a screenshot and your Netlify url so we can take a look?

Is this still valid? It seems to conflict with the docs:

When Invite only is selected, all new Identity users, including those logging in with external providers, will need to be invited before they can register for your site.

I also tested it using my personal Github account and confirmed that I could not create an account with CMS access if the email associated with my Github account was not invited via Netlify Identity.

It did prompt me to authorize Netlify to access my Github account, but I assume this was to check the email associated with the account and compare it to the invite list.

Hey @fm-resson,

The post you replied it is over a year old and I won’t be surprised if anything has changed in there. Since you’re seeing the behaviour as explained in the docs, I think that’s the current expected behaviour.

Hi, I just set Identity to on and I can not find the Invite button to add user in order to access the Netlify CMS. “Identity” is not show up as a tab it is found under the “Site settings” tab. It differs according to the documentation Registration and login | Netlify Docs.

How should I do in order to invite a user?

After som fiddling on the site I found it under Integrations and then Identity where I found the possibility to invite users. I think the documentation needs an update to covers these steps since the Identity tab does not exist anymore.

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This page is already updated: Authenticate users with Netlify Identity | Netlify Docs, but we will update the other page too.

Yep this had me chasing my tail: Registration and login | Netlify Docs

Hi @roowilliams :wave:t6: , sorry for the inconvenience.

No harm done, just flagging in the spirit of improvement!

Hi @ola and @roowilliams, I’m Rachael from the Docs team at Netlify.

Thank you for flagging the need to update the documentation.
We’ve updated the Identity docs so that the new UI location is clearer moving forward. You can find the Registration and login updates here.

For anyone looking to find the ‘Invite User’ and like me still couldn’t after reading the docs and comments above. Go to the top menu in netlify app and select: ‘Integrations’ > then ‘Identity’ from the menu on the left. It was moved a few months ago and took me ages to find it. Not sure why it was moved but it’s a b*tch to find and very user unfriendly UX

I’m in the Integrations > Identity menu and either I’m going blind or the button isn’t there :frowning:


Netlify CMS is now managed by Decap CMS. I’d encourage you reach out to them if you are having issues.

I understand that, but what I’m referring to is the Identity feature, which is a service offered by Netlify is it not?

The configuration page of Identity allows you to choose an invite-only registration process:

So the question remains: how do I invite users?

AFAIK this is not related to Netlify or (Decap) CMS directly. I could use the Identity service elsewhere

Nevermind, I found the button:

It was under Integrations > Identity