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How to invite users?


I have deployed a netlify instance with invite only login and github oauth also.

I was curious, how exactly do I invite users and give them access to the netlifycms admin panel?

I dont see an invite button on the indenity tab, but it does say I have users 0/5 invites currently

That’s strange that you can’t see an invite button…

It should look like this.

Have you enabled identity?


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Just a note of safety here too — “invite only” is strictly for the email + password users. Enabling Github OAuth will allow anybody with a Github account to use the CMS, which I’m sure is not what you want (e.g. I could go over and use it too). You may need to look into Identity Event-Driven Functions to better control which users can login to your site via OAuth providers.


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Something changed here?
Half a year ago i remember there was “Invite” button with registered users under each site.
Now there isn’t one

Hey @emilsgulbis,
You should still be able to access that page by going to Netlify App - if that’s not the case, could you share a screenshot and your Netlify url so we can take a look?