Login to admin panel on production

Page Name: https://elegant-goldstine-c1fb09.netlify.app/
Hello Guys,
I have an starter free plan and want to use CMS.
I Implemented everything so locally it work when I’m login with my gitlab credentials.
Now I want to let only invited users login to the admin panel ( when its deployed )
I’m able to invite somebody.
When I click on the accept link to enter my page I’m forced to provide a PW.
Then I’m logged in, but it only redirects me to login with gitlab credentials.

Invite User to Admin Panel


Hey there, @holzinho1985 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. I took a look in the Forums, and I wonder if this thread might get you on the right track:

Let me know!

HI, thanks for your reply. This doesnt help me very much. As I wrote, for me its not possible to let users use my CMS because after login, it forces them to gitlab login


Hi @holzinho1985,

Just to confirm, you’ve enabled Git Gateway in your identity settings, correct?

Also, could you try to delete and re-create your Identity instance?

Finally, if that doesn’t work, could you check if this works correctly with a GitHub repo?

Yes I enabled Git Gateway, and also deleted Identity settings. I didn’t tried github. But I really don’t wanna work with Github.
Would be very nice if it’s somehow fixable to work with Gitlab.

Greetz Oliver

I’m not asking you to with with GitHub, but to test if it’s working well with GitHub. This will help us to identity where the issue lies exactly.

Would that be possible to do?

If you want to use an email/password login method, you’ll have to use the git-gateway backend. In your current config.yml you use the Gitlab backend:

  name: gitlab
  repo: oliverholzer1985/hairzig_2021
  branch: main

Change that to:

  name: git-gateway
  branch: main

You do not have to switch to Github, git-gateway is available with Gitlab. Make sure to complete the steps described in the docs:

You can login with your Gitlab credentials alongside the email/password fields, simply register an external provider:

@tomrutgers thx very much. It works perfectly !!!

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Good to hear, happy to help!

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