How to find out what version of node my site has

I read that it’s not possible to SSH into Netlify, so how can I find out what node version and npm version it uses? I just want to make sure it matches my local environment. Or am I understanding Netflify wrong. I know it’s static so does that mean it only uses the build versions and does not have npm/node?

Signed confused newbie


Hey @dashbarkhuss

Easiest way to figure out what version of node/npm is used to build a site is looking at a deploy log. In the deploy log you’ll see lines (towards the beginning) like

12:38:04 PM: v16.14.0 is already installed.
12:38:04 PM: Now using node v16.14.0 (npm v8.3.1)

You can specify build environment variables such as NODE_VERSION and NPM_VERSION.