How to enable identity from createSite api?

Is there a way to enable Identity from the create site endpoint (

There’s 2 fields in the config params that look possibly related, but I couldn’t find any documentation on how to use them.

  "published_deploy": {
    "site_capabilities": {


"capabilities": {
    "property1": {},
    "property2": {}


Hi there, @bri :wave:

Looks like this thread has been quiet for a bit. Are you still looking to proceed with this? If so, have you found a solution?

Let us know! If you are still looking for assistance, I will loop in a member of the Support team.


Hi Hillary. Still looking for a solution!

Hi there @bri!

You could send a POST to this endpoint to provision an identity service:{site_id}/identity

We also have soon-to-be-merged PR to our open-api repo that will allow you to manage Identity provision. You can check that out here. Hopefully, once this is merged, that will help you out some more!