How to deploy Wordpress website in Netlify?

PLEASE help us to deploy Wordpress website in Netlify. Thanks.

You cannot host WordPress on Netlify.

Netlify is a hosting provider for static websites (and websites that utilise serverless functions).

WordPress runs on PHP (and MySQL), Netlify do not offer PHP based hosting.

There are ways you can utilise WordPress as a CMS for a site hosted on Netlify, but you aren’t just “hosting WordPress”.

Here’s an example article:

Thanks for reply. I try to generate the static website from Wordpress then deploy manual to netlify. But netlify showed status “Site deploy in progress” 2 days ago and keep running.

Can you share your build log, or a screenshot of it?

Sometimes Netlify builds can get “stuck”, which may be the case here.

I following this website to generate the static website:

That deploy isn’t running, so I wouldn’t be waiting for it to finish.

What do you have configured in your Deploy settings -> Build settings?

I waiting 2 days. No, i just manual copy source, not link to Git

When you say that you manually copied the source, do you mean that you did a “drag & drop” deployment?

If that’s the case, you may want to try clicking on the Cancel deploy button and trying again.

Yes, “drag & drop”, actually I canceled 2 times but still waiting too long

It should be fairly straightforward and deploy very quickly, as a “Drag & drop” deploy doesn’t build anything it just ships the files to the CDN.

Are you dragging & dropping an archive (zip file) or a folder from your computer?
Have you checked what it is that you’re submitting to Netlify to make sure there’s nothing odd about it?

Yes, I send zip file (150 MB), but as observation, I see uploading very fast (1-2s) then netlify said “deploying your site”

Hi @truong-milkyway

Have a look at [Support Guide] My drag and drop deploy is stuck in "Uploading" status which states

Deploys under 50MB work best.


After 10 minutes, that older, stuck deploy will never publish

You are best advised to push the statically generate site to a git provider and deploy from there, or deploy via the Netlify CLI.

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I had this same issue when trying to deploy a WordPress website on netlify. I am no expert, though I’d like to be :sweat_smile:, I have found that using the Simply Static plugin works. If it still doesn’t go through, then if you upload it to github then deploy that way it gives you a log, so you can see what the issue is.

As I said I am not expert, but I thought I might as well share my experiences.


Hi, @truong-milkyway. I’m guessing that the upload is timing out with the Drag and Drop deploy. If that is happening (and I do believe it is), the best solution is to manually deploy using the Netlify CLI tool.

There is more documentation about that here:

The Netlify CLI deploys will automatically resume if there is a timeout which will prevent the “stuck deploy” behavior you are seeing. Note, if you want the manual deploys with Netlify CLI to auto-publish, you must remember to include the --prod option. If that option is not included, the deploy occurs but it won’t become the production deploy. You can then, however, manually promote it to the production deploy using the Netlify web UI.