How to deploy Frontend ReactJS and Backend Mongoose Mongodb?

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I have a frontend website and backend database written in ReactJS, GraphQL, and MongoDB with mongoose and expressJS. The solution does not employ CORS.

The front end runs on Localhost:3000 and the backend runs on Localhost:4000

How do I deploy this on Netlify?

@javakian1 If you haven’t already you can read Netlify’s documentation here

To deploy the frontend website it should just be a matter of hooking up the repository and configuring the build settings.

For your backend you won’t be able to host an express server with Netlify, nor a MongoDB instance so you’ll need to look elsewhere for the hosting requirements of the backend website, (for example Heroku), if you don’t plan on changing it.

Instead of a dedicated express server, and depending on your actual requirements, you may be able to adjust your site to leverage Functions.

Here’s a blog article I found via a quick Google, that references working with MongoDB and Netlify Functions: