How to commit changes on Github w/o Netlify autobuilding?

Site: My Netlify site
Notes: I currently use the Eleventy SSG.

Netlify Newbie here !

I was wondering if it’s possible to commit changes on Github without Netlify automatically building the entire site ?

The reason why I would like to turn off building (or rather make it manual) is because I only have 300 minutes assigned to me via the Free/Starter package I have. Since I am a total no0b, I make edits to my site every few minutes. But after realizing I only have “300 build minutes”, I’d rather just make edits and commit changes on Git Hub AND THEN go and build the site on Netlify.

I think that makes more sense. Is this possible ?


I’m not an expert Netlify user (yet), but I think a quite quick/easy solution would be if you create and commit to another (eg. development or staging) branch. Then once you think it’s time to deploy, just merge it to the branch (master, I guess) that invokes the Netlify build.

Yep ! I think I will just do that ! Thanks a bunch !